ItsPoppingHere! App

ItsPoppingHere! is an event and fun discovery app for real time events. Find what to do and what is popping you right now. Get real-time reviews by the people at the event for instant event intelligence and fun assurance.

  • A review on ItsPoppingHere! is live for 8 hours only.
  • After 8 hours, the review will disappear.
  • Side benefit of 8 hours: a picture of you in a review dancing shirtless on the bar will disappear in 8 hours!
  • ItsPoppingHere is the only fun-finder that is truly real time.
  • To review an event, you must actually be at the event location.
  • You can review any event of interest to you.
  • ItsPoppingHere! reviews are free, fair and open to all.
  • Reviews on ItsPoppingHere! are not moderated. They are posted immediately.
  • ItsPoppingHere! reviews are time-stamped. So you know exactly when that opinion was made.
  • Reviews have pictures so there is evidence of what’s happening.
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  • Enjoy ItsPoppingHere!